DIY: Handmade Halloween Pumpkin Card





On Sunday, the weather turned, and all of a sudden, it feels like fall around here. Thanks to the slight chill in the air and the falling leaves, we've had Halloween on the brain. For that reason, I decided it was time to create a Halloween card. Although I love all of the Halloween motifs, I decided to make a pumpkin card.

Here’s what you’ll need to join me in the card making fun!


A variety of colored card stock - In this case, orange, black and green


An envelope


A cutting mat


An Xacto knife


- A metal ruler


- Paper glue


- Basic scissors


- Sticker letters

Start by using your mat to find the center of your card base (5.5 ” for this card). Then score it by running the knife lightly down the center once or twice. Fold in half.


Using your scissors, round off the short sides of your card, taking care not to cut too much off the folded side.


Grab your envelope, and made sure you leave enough room for your pumpkin's stalk. Glue the stalk to the card case.


Cut out three triangles (your pumpkin's eyes and nose). I free-hand the first triangle, and then use it to cut out the other two. This way I know they are all the same size.  I also cut out a half circle for a mouth. If you want your pumpkin to have teeth, carefully cut two rectangles out of the half circle. Arrange your face to make sure everything fits nicely. Trim the pieces down if necessary.


Once you're happy with your face, glue the triangles and half circle to your card base.


Open your card, and use your sticker letters to write a happy or spooky message. I chose a happy message for this particular card. Add your personal note, and you're ready to send a friend or family member some Halloween cheer!


Like this card but don't think you can recreate it? Contact us, and we'll create one for you to purchase via our Etsy shop. The Halloween Pumpkin Card is $3.50, plus shipping and handling.