Make Your Own Halloween Ghost Decoration

DIY halloween ghost decoration

Our new neighborhood has some legit Halloween decorations. Other than a few pumpkins, we never decorated the outside of our house for Halloween. As we're on a tight budget, I decided to decorate using items we already had on hand. The result was a trio of spooky Halloween ghosts. To make your own inexpensive spooky Halloween ghosts, you'll need:

- A tennis ball - A white garbage bag (ours was 13 gallon) - A white zip tie - A black permanent marker - A corsage pin - Fishing wire - Scissors

Before I started, I cut off the drawstring part of my bag. Then I took my tennis ball and put it inside the bag, right in the center of the bottom:

step 1

Place one hand on the ball to keep it from moving, and use your other hand to cut off about half of the bag. It doesn't have to be a perfectly straight line. Here's what it should look like after you've made the cut:

step two

The cut piece is basically a big circle. I made a cut at both ends (along the bag's seams), and I was left with two identical pieces. I placed both of those pieces on top of the original bag, pulled them tight and then secured the zip tie around them. Then I used the scissors to cut off the end of the zip tie. Here's what it should look like once you've done that:

step three

Next, I placed my corsage pin through the tennis ball at the very top of the ghost's head (yes, I felt like I was stabbing it in the head). I tied the fishing line around the head of the pin and knotted it a few times. It should look like this:

step four


Finally, I drew a spooky face using the marker. My finished ghost looked like this:

step five

I made two more and hung them around our front stoop. When the wind catches them, they "fly" around. Pretty spooky!