On the Road: Ohio in the Fall

Confession: I have never seen Ohio in the fall. My mother's family were Ohioans for many generations, but after my great-grandfather's death, my great-grandmother moved with her second husband to California. Two of her three children and their families followed, and in time, the connections to Ohio became faded memories.

After sorting and scanning my family's Kodak slides, I realized just how lovely Ohio is in the fall....






fall6 copy



Isn't it just magical? It looks exactly the way fall is supposed to look! I love the shots of the water, and those yellow leaves and the white cottage in the last photo are dreamy. Apparently that was my family's home in Ohio...the original white house!

All of the photos shown above are my family's personal photographs taken in the Euclid, Ohio area between the 1940s and 1960s. I scanned each Kodak Kodachrome slide and then edited them to share here. If you are interested in hiring Gerald & Joan to preserve your family's photographic memories in a similar manner, please click here to contact us. We would be happy to help keep your family's heritage alive for future generations.