Branding: Gerald & Joan

Branding 4

If you've read this post, then you already know the story behind the Gerald & Joan logo. When considering options for Gerald & Joan's branding, we knew we wanted to do something nostalgic and fun, but we also wanted to keep our costs down. Using vintage index cards and postcards as our inspiration, we designed our business cards and correspondence postcards and had them printed locally for a nominal fee. The business card design will likely stay the same, but the postcard is the first in a series that we'll distribute as a way to thank our clients and vendors. It features one of our favorite places in the world -- Palos Verdes, California. You might also recognize Jonathan on the card. This first postcard is a little tribute to him because there wouldn't be a Gerald & Joan without his love and support!

To complete our look, we brought in some of our favorite things. The brown "grocery sack" tags and bags add to the nostalgia, and they are customized with a Gerald & Joan bird stamp. Custom stamps are an affordable way to personalize standard paper and fabric, and they are so fun to collect! We are now taking custom stamp orders, so if you need a stamp for a wedding or event, please feel free to contact us for sizes and pricing!

Yellow bakers twine, vintage yellow ribbon, yellow washi tape, traditional twine and vintage linens in our yellow/cream/brown color palette complete our vintage-inspired look. We think the branding marries the Gerald & Joan concept of "timeless with a hint of nostalgia" perfectly, and we are so pleased with the way each piece turned out!

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