DIY: Halloween Candy Corn Card

Do you know someone who needs a little Halloween cheer? This card might not be quite as sweet as candy corn itself, but it is sure to bring a smile your loved one's face. Isn't that what all holidays are really about? We think so! Here's what you'll need to make our Halloween Candy Corn Card:

- Orange, yellow and white/cream card stock - An envelope A cutting mat An Xacto knife - A metal ruler - A pencil and eraser - Paper glue - Basic scissors - Sticker letters

Start by using your mat to find the center of your card base (3.5 ” for this card). Then score it by running the knife lightly down the center once or twice. Fold in half.


Cut out your candy corn shape, taking care not to cut too much off the folded side. I free-handed my card, but you could trace the shape first, if you need a guide. It's a good idea to set your card base on top of the envelope to ensure the card will fit inside.

step 2


Set your card base on top of your yellow sheet of card stock. Starting about one-third of the way from the top of the candy corn, begin tracing the shape. You will go around the top of the candy corn to approximately one-third of the way down the other side. Move your card base and draw a horizontal line from one endpoint to the other. Cut out your shape.


Next, set the end of your candy corn card (again, about one-third of the card should be traced) on the cream card stock. Trace around the end. Then move the card base and draw a horizontal line from endpoint to endpoint. Cut out the shape.


Use your letter stickers to write a sweet or spooky message on the inside of the card.


Set your yellow and cream parts on the card base. You can trim them up as needed. Once you're happy with the way they look, glue them to the card base. Then, write a personal message inside your card, stick it in an envelope (I chose spooky gray) and surprise someone with a Halloween treat!


Happy Halloween, everyone!