From Joan's Kitchen: Healthier Chocolate Chip Cookies


In our kitchen, the ultimate goal is to make everything taste delicious, while using healthy ingredients. I switched to a vegan lifestyle back in July 2010 (you can read about that here), and while eating out can be a pain at times, dining in has been a wonderful adventure.

Part of the transition to becoming vegetarian or vegan (these days I'm about 95 percent vegan, and Jonathan is about 85 percent vegan) is adapting your palate. These cookies are a good example of that. To the average person, they might not taste very sweet, but in our house, they are the perfect treat.

If you're considering a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, I highly recommend reading The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone and watching several food documentaries (there are a ton of great ones out there -- check out this list). It's important to note that any steps toward vegetarianism and/or veganism are positive ones. You don't have to give up meat and/or dairy entirely to make a big difference in a whole lot of ways! :)

chocolate chip cookies