New Design Offerings from Gerald & Joan

Blue skies. When I launched Gerald & Joan in January, the focus was strictly on graphic design, event planning, event styling and handmade goods. These are my passions, so it felt natural to build my company around them.

However, after seven years in the communications world, I quickly realized that it is hard to turn off those skills that have been a part of my career for so long. It's also hard to shun that very expensive piece of paper that reads Bachelor of Arts in Print Journalism and Public, instead of putting the PR, copywriting, social media, blogging and email marketing that I once did for a living on the back burner, I decided to embrace them. After all, the essence of Gerald & Joan is storytelling, and communications work is storytelling. From that angle, it makes perfect sense that it should be a piece of the larger Gerald & Joan puzzle.

The charitable partnerships piece fits into Gerald & Joan because I would be working for a charity if I wasn't living this dream. I began volunteering in high school, and I worked with charities for the majority of my career. Those experiences taught me everything that I know today and continue to be a huge part of who I am. Whether it’s matching a business to a charity or assisting a charity in the areas of writing, branding and design, I want to support nonprofit work and assist them as they build their brands and tell their stories.

So far this year has been a glorious whirlwind of inspiration and excitement. I'm excited to take this next step and share these new offerings.

Thank you, dear family and friends, for your constant love and support and for being such an integral part of the Gerald & Joan journey. Let me know if I can help you in some way!