On the Road with G&J: Rome and Naples


Today we're inspired by one of our favorite movies, Roman Holiday, so we're taking a trip to Rome and Naples. In addition to the fabulous sights, our favorite part of Rome and Naples is the incredible food and drink. Some of our must-have Italian treats are mozzarella di bufala in a caprese insalata, pizza napoletana, gelato and limoncello. You'll taste some of the freshest tomatoes, basil, olives and lemons in Southern Italy, not to mention some greatest wines. Fortunately walking is the best way to see the sights (on ancient cobblestone streets no less), so we never feel too guilty about our lunch and dinner choices! Like they say, when in Rome...[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1463,1461,1455,1462,1460,1442,1459,1453,1458,1457,1450,1454,1456,1452,1445,1451,1431,1448,1444,1437,1443,1436,1449,1446,1440,1439,1441,1434,1438,1433,1447,1435,1432"]