The Color of Summer


Certain colors just make us think of summer. Turquoise is one of the those colors that is so fresh and pairs well with every neutral -- black, white, khaki, gold and silver. It is a great accent color for your home and works equally well for your wardrobe. Today we have pulled together our favorite turquoise home accessories that have a touch of gold. Each of these pieces is from our personal collection. Here's the story behind each piece. If you would like helping sourcing your own turquoise goodies, you can connect with us here!

Floral tray - Vintage. Scored from an estate sale several years ago for a song.

Books - Vintage. Picked up from various estate sales and antique malls.

Florentine trinket box - Vintage. Belonged to Joan and was handed down to me by my mom while I was in college.

Candles - Vintage. Previously belonged to my paternal grandmother, Lucy, who is 90 and lives in Italy. Turquoise is her favorite color.

Avon milk glass vase - Vintage. Also belonged to Joan and was given to me by my mom when I first moved to Memphis in 2006.

Heart-shaped bottle - Purchased at Disneyland when I was 12 or 13. Over the years, I have filled it with tiny shells from all of my beach trips, which basically means it has 16 years worth of shells in it!

Florentine frame - Vintage. Found at a antique mall four years ago. I put one of my beloved postcards in it. Underneath the postcard is a precious poem for a baby boy, but since I don't have a baby boy, I covered it up...for now.

Earrings - Old Banana Republic.

Bracelet and bird charm - Gifts from my sister from Anthropologie.

Leaf necklace - Gifted to me by my mom from a shop in Manhattan Beach, California that is now closed.

Polished mineral - Purchased in 1996 from a nature store in Costa Mesa, California that is now closed.

We hope you enjoyed a peek at some of our favorite turquoises pieces. Living with this color is like taking a mini-vacation.

Well, almost! :)

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