Hankie Collection

Hankies As a little girl growing up in England, I always had hankies. I'm not sure if it was an English tradition or a family tradition, but I loved my hankies. They made me feel pretty and grown up (and they also doubled as bedcovers for my Barbie dolls).

During my recent thrifting adventures, I was lucky enough to stumble across two beautiful collections of vintage hankies.

The romantic details and time-worn elegance were too much for me to pass up, so I brought them home.

I hope to use them to inspire a line of stationery this spring. I'm picturing note cards, postcards and maybe even a wedding suite.

The weather was so perfect this afternoon I decided to take them outside for their closeup. I thought they looked sweet hanging from our hand-me-down chair.

They are just so lovely, aren't they?[gallery type="square" ids="721,720,719,718,717,716"]