Life Lately


All has been quiet on the blog front since Jake arrived in September, but life has been very much the opposite. Jake is now seven and a half months, and Gerald & Joan celebrated its third birthday in January. Both of my babies are thriving, and despite many changes, I'm excited to share that we (Jake and I) are taking on Gerald & Joan projects. 

Since June, the studio has been working with Common Table Health Alliance, a regional health and healthcare collaborative that serves the Memphis area, and I'm currently finishing up several large design projects for them. 

Another clients include Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation and Laurel Markovich, a local author. I'm also serving as a committee volunteer for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis' Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project

Over the past three years, our focus has changed as we've grown and developed, but we've recently come full-circle. I'm channeling my ten years of work experience and currently only accepting nonprofit and small business clients. When I started Gerald & Joan, I desperately needed a break from nonprofit and small business work, but I've discovered that when I partner with the right clients, marketing and graphic design for nonprofits and small businesses are my true passions. I'm excited to see where this chapter takes us!