Baby Brother

As you probably know, I have a sister who will make me an aunt later this month or early next month. She is three years younger than me, and our babies will be two months apart. When I found out she was pregnant, I prayed that we would be able to raise children together. One of the all-time great moments of my life was surprising my family with our news at her gender reveal party. We told our entire family that weekend. It was one of the best ones of our lives.

Jonathan has two siblings -- a sister and a brother who have blessed us with two nieces and a nephew. Anthony came along when Jonathan was 11, but they are very close despite the age gap. I remember Anthony coming to Oxford and Collierville to stay with us when he was a wide-eyed middle and high school student. He'll be 25 next month, and his son Haze will be eight months old. It's crazy how time flies.

Haze definitely takes after his mama right now, and it's been so fun to watch his personality develop. He's already proving to be a little flirt. I wonder where he gets that from? 

Anthony and Gerald. He would give his son Gerald's middle name. 

Anthony and Gerald. He would give his son Gerald's middle name. 


While we're on the subject of genes, I see Julie's daughter Eliza in Julie's smile in this photo. Eliza also loves to help open presents!