summer memories

Happy Friday, everyone. I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend and a good week. We've had some family concerns around here the past few weeks, and they have forced blogging to take a back seat. If you are the praying kind, please keep our family in your prayers. 

Today I wanted to continue the summer vacation series by sharing some photos of my grandparents, Joan and Sid, that were taken in the late 1970s. Sadly Sid lost his battle to liver cancer in 1984 at age 50. Ironically Joan would pass away from the same disease 19 years later. Despite their blissful life being cut short, they were the perfect example of a couple who loved a lifetime. They lived each day to the fullest and made every moment count. Their home was a happy place, and they enjoyed traveling, camping and boating. They knew how to have fun. 

Their story can teach the rest of us a great lesson -- have adventures, enjoy every day, stop and smell the roses and laugh....You get the picture. 


You'll notice their dog Pookie on the left side of the above photo. I will always remember my grandma and their yard like this. I often wonder what would we do without photos to remind us of special people and places. They continue to keep them in our hearts and minds decades after they're gone. I am so grateful for these precious memories.