denise wedding suite


When it came time to design a wedding invitation suite for unfussy country-inspired nuptials, I pulled inspiration from my mother-in-law, Denise, and a set of vintage napkins I found at an estate sale a couple of years ago.

If Denise and her husband Greg were getting married this year, she'd want a low-key country wedding in the summer. The wedding would take place in a white clapboard church, and the reception would feature fried catfish, sweet tea in Mason jars, wildflowers as decorations and lots of fireflies. There would be live music, well-worn cowboy boots and lots of close family and friends. 

To go along with this imagined wedding, I created a cheerful country wedding suite that has a little bit of a vintage vibe and a very relaxed feel. The colors are slightly country, but they were also very popular in the seventies, back when Denise and her husband Greg actually tied the knot. The daisy embroidery unites those themes of country and the 1970s. The fonts are some of our very favorites. 

This suite can be customized to match any of the colors used in the embroidery -- so avocado green, soft pink, sun yellow, cottage blue and lavender are all color options.  

Below is a photograph of Denise and Greg when they were dating. It was definitely the 1970s. :)

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