family stories: gerald hardin

I love these photographs of Jonathan's grandfather Gerald from the mid-1950s. Although they don't really share features, he reminds me so much of Jonathan. I think it must have something to do with his body language. 


This photo was taken with Gerald's stepfather, Mr. Brinkley (front left), half-brother Larry (directly behind Mr. Brinkley) and other family members the night before Gerald left for the army. He served in Columbus, Georgia.


Gerald with Sadie's sisters, Linda and Martha. 


Gerald, right, with his cousin Colleen Baggett and grandfather William Cooper. Mr. Cooper died when Gerald was nine years old.


Gerald in his army uniform in Columbus, Georgia. He was serving in the army when his son Greg was born. Sadie rode home to Booneville with her sisters Olivene Green, Lois Geno and brother-in-law Gerald Green shortly before he arrived. Gerald had a three day leave to meet Greg and see Sadie.