our latest preservation project

Sadie School 1951

We just started our latest film and photo preservation project for Jonathan's grandmother, Sadie -- the very same Sadie who inspired the Sadie Wedding Invitation Suite

Right now we're digitizing all of her old photographs. Most of them are in excellent condition, and they will only need a little cropping and retouching. Once they are all digitized and edited, we'll make CDs for her to give to family members, and then we'll use all of her favorite images to create a custom 100-page heritage photo book that she'll be able to keep on her coffee table.

One of the great things about digitizing old images is that our clients are able to enjoy the copies every day -- on a gallery wall, in frames, in a photo book, tacked on a bulletin board, etc. They are constantly surrounded by precious memories and family heirlooms, while also preserving the original images for future generations.

Curious about how to care for your images? We recommend keeping a copy of the digital images on a DVD at the bank and storing all of the original images in acid-free photo albums or photo boxes in a climate-controlled space.

We are currently accepting large and small film and photo preservation projects. You can contact us here to learn more about the process.