in the kitchen: baked brie in puff pastry

photo 3.JPG

Today we have another indulgent recipe to share. This was our Valentine's weekend treat. We don't eat cheese very often, but when we do eat cheese, we eat really good cheese. You might remember that we have the same philosophy about good bread

We started with this recipe for puff pastry. We cut the recipe in half, and used Earth Balance butter, because that's what we had on-hand. The President brie, Empire apples and pecans came from Costco -- they are so much more affordable there!

To assemble, we simply rolled out the puff pastry, placed the brie in the center, folded the pastry around it and then placed it on a baking sheet. We baked it on 350 for 20-25 minutes. You want the cheese to be slightly melty when you cut it, and you want the pastry to be just golden brown. While the brie bakes, we cut an apple and crumbled some pecans. Once the pastry came out of the oven, we placed the brie in the center of a platter or arranged the apples and pecans around it. Finally we drizzled some honey on top, and we served the brie with these crackers. Yeah, we have a thing for homemade goodies. It's so much better than store-bought. 

In our case, we nibbled on the baked brie in puff pastry all weekend, but this recipe would also be great for a party. If you want to do what we did, you can reheat the brie, but you'll need to watch it more closely the second time around or it'll ooze out all over the baking sheet....Make sure you have those crackers and apple slices handy.