diy princess birthday card

Eliza, our niece, turns eight today. She just happens to be one of our favorite people, and I'm not just saying that because she's family. She is one of those special people who is smart, funny and drop-dead beautiful. She loves to read, makes all As in school, has a wonderful sense of style (she is a mini shopaholic), loves everyone and has a fun, witty personality. She became a big sister a few months ago, and she was thrilled when she received the news that she wasn't going to be an only child anymore. She absolutely loves her baby sister, and sharing the spotlight doesn't bother her at all. She is a very special little person.

In honor of her birthday, we decided to make a princess card. She is a princess, and she's at the age where she loves all things girly -- makeup, Barbies and shopping. A princess card seemed like a good fit for her.

Here's what you'll need to make your own princess card:

A variety of colored card stock (I used plain and patterned for this card)
An envelope
A cutting mat
An Xacto knife
- A metal ruler
- Paper glue
- Basic and scalloped scissors
- Embellishments (I chose rhinestones)
- Markers (Mine are fine-tip Crayola)
-Fun stickers

princess card step 1

First, use your mat to find the center of your card base (5" for this card), and then score it by running the knife lightly down the center once or twice. Fold in half.

Princess card step 2

Choose another piece of card stock in a different color, and cut it down to the size of the front of your card (in my case, 7" x 5").

Princess card step 3

On the flat piece of card stock, draw the shape of a crown. Remember, we aren't going for perfection here!

Princess card step 4

Cut out your crown shape. Also cut out a strip of patterned paper that is the width of your card (mine was 7"). This is going behind the crown, so the height needed will vary. Mine was approximately 2.5".

Princess card step 5

Glue the patterned stripe and the crown to the front of your card. Let it dry thoroughly.


While the front is drying, add some embellishments to the inside of the card. I added another strip of patterned paper, some stickers and a pretty piece of ribbon that I had in my crafting stash. As I am completely out of letter stickers, I hand-addressed the message. 

Princess card step 7

Once the front of your card is dry, add some embellishments of your choice. I used some scraps of my base color to cut out jewels in various shapes as well as a strip to go across the bottom. For some interest, I used my scalloped scissors to add a special edge to that strip. Then I glued everything down and added some rhinestones, sequins and stickers. I paired this sparkly card with a shiny silver envelope and more fun stickers. 


The result is a card fit for a princess!

Happy Birthday, Eliza!