Collections: Vintage Library Books

Truth be told, we have never met a book we didn't like. Books are one of our very favorite decorative items, and reading is one of our very favorite pastimes. If we see an used bookstore or book sale, we always stop and check it out. On Saturday, we stumbled across a used book store in New Albany, Mississippi. We came out with several books, including two vintage library books. The third book came from an antique market in Oxford, Mississippi last year.

A used book regularly has a treasure tucked within its pages -- a bookmark, airline ticket, receipt, the owner's name and sometimes even a dedication to a special person. Vintage library books are even better because they have multiple treasures and peeks into the book's past -- the library's name and location, a library card pocket and the dewey decimal number on the spine. I wonder if these books were discarded from their libraries, or if people borrowed them and then didn't return them? It's fun to wonder about their past lives while reading their pages.

What is the best thing you've ever discovered in a vintage book?

On a side note, it is fitting that today's post is about books. A chapter closes today for Gerald & Joan. This is the last real blog post on our Wordpress-hosted website. Tomorrow we'll launch our new website. Wordpress has been very good to us this year, but we're excited to see where the new website will take us. will redirect there tomorrow, so we hope you'll join us there! Onward and upward! :)

I was especially excited about the Eudora Welty book from Meridian, Mississippi, the town where my father was born.