Family Stories: 1960s Christmas


My mom in front of her Christmas tree.

1960s mantle

The mantle decorated for Christmas at my great-grandmother's house in Palos Verdes, California.


My great-aunt Betty (Joan's older sister) pouring tea to go with the fruit cake. I love the Christmas table decor. I have those birds in my dining room!

christmas table

Betty, Elsie, Betty's husband Bob, their daughter Cheri, and my mom enjoying Christmas dinner. Joan was taking the picture.

christmas morning

My mom and Joan on Christmas morning. My mom still has that awesome chair and its mate. The bird candelabra on the right is in my dining room.


My great-grandmother Elsie and Joan reading Christmas cards.

christmas morningMy mom and Joan on Christmas morning at my great-grandmother's house. Those fireplace pokers are now beside our fireplace.