Holiday Collection: Vintage Knife Sets

What is it about the holidays that make us want to use our prettiest things? I've been thinking about putting together lovely Thanksgiving and Christmas meals and setting the table with our family china. My mom recently gave us these vintage knife sets, and I hope to incorporate them as well. I remember them being on our table throughout my childhood. Even then, I loved them. I guess some things never change! vintageknives9

This John Batt and Co. carving set came from the famous Portobello Road market.


I love that each of the handles has a slightly different patina. Although I don't know when they were made, the company was in existence until 1938. Here's a vintage ad featuring them! My guess is 1910s?


And the box...Oh, I love a good vintage box!


My Regent Sheffield knife set has been well-loved over the years, but it has so much charm.


Based on the boxes I found online, I believe it's from the 1950s.



The set includes knives for butter, cheese, pie, cake, bread, carving and steak! There are several steak knives!


I'm a huge fan of flowers, and these have a sweet flower detail on each handle.



Like I said, I loved using this set as a child, and I feel very fortunate that I get to enjoy them as an adult as well!

Want to see more vintage knife sets? Any of these would make lovely Christmas gifts!

These are lovely. I especially love the box and tag insert.

Here's a set similar to mine in its original box.

Again, my knives. Love the box!

Another fun mid-century design.

I love these ones too.

Blue and white is so classic.

The patina on this set is lovely.

Oh, this box...

Do you have any heirloom cutlery sets that you use daily or around the holidays? I'd love to hear about them!

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