Family Stories: Julie Faye's Birthday

My mother might be celebrating a birthday this weekend, although I've been forbidden to bake a cake...and what is a birthday without cake?!? In lieu of cake, here are some sweet photos of a young Julie Faye that I found while recently digging through family slides....As you can see, my family could have easily starred in a 1960s television sitcom...

Julie's Birthday 1

Look at those presents -- very 1962! The little girl beside my mother in these photos is her cousin Cheri. Aren't their dresses adorable? I still dream about that couch. It stayed in our family until the late '80s. It definitely had a good run!

Julie's Birthday 2

Every little girl's birthday wish - a pink doll cake! That's Joan standing next to my mother. Joan's sister Betty and Cheri (Betty's daughter) are also pictured.

Julie and Cheri

Coordinating with Cheri! I don't think this is a birthday photo, but it was too fun not to include.

Julie PV

As you can see, they liked driveway photos!

Julie's Birthday 3

More candle blowing...

Julie's Birthday 5

There are birthday streamers wrapped around the tablecloth and on the table. Very fun. And yes, in case you're wondering, some of these slides are backwards...I'm still getting the hang of nighttime slide scanning! It's too dark in my studio now that the time has changed!

Julie's Birthday 5

Posing with birthday gifts. I bet that parasol came from somewhere in the Orient. My great-grandmother made several trips there during her lifetime. I have those slides as well!

Julie and Cheri 2

This shot was too precious not to include. As you can tell from the turkey and turkey plates, it's from Thanksgiving.

Those pheasants on the table live at my house these days, and that is my dining room table! My mom still has the wooden bird, leather chairs, turkey dishes and emerald glass server. She is definitely her mother's daughter -- very sentimental and doesn't part with anything unless it is handed off to my sister and me. I consider that trait one of the best ones to have -- plus it means the treasures in your home are one-of-a-kind, environmentally friendly and good on the wallet. You can't beat that.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful mom! :)