Family Stories: Clyde L. Stroup

My great-grandfather, Clyde L. Stroup, suffered from polio and died before my mother was two years old. Joan told her that he taught her to walk by luring her along with his cane. After his death, my great-grandmother remarried, and she and her second husband moved from Ohio to California. We don't really know much about my great-grandfather, as everyone who knew him is gone. I hope that by digging through the boxes of old photos and papers that I'll be able to learn more about him. I also did a Google search and found out a little more about his parents. The internet can be such a marvel sometimes!

Here are the photos I've found and scanned so far:

Clyde and Elsie with their first granddaughter, Kathryn Elizabeth (Kathy) Stroup.


The sweet program from Clyde's memorial service in 1958.


Clyde L. Stroup in 1900 at age 10!


My very favorite photo of him.  He has a sparkle in his eyes, and I like his polka dot tie!