Family Stories: Sam and Joyce


kate's parents For the latest edition of family stories, our friend Kate kindly shared a sweet story about her parents, Sam and Joyce, who were married in England during World War II. Isn't their wedding photograph just lovely? What a beautiful couple!

Two days after my mum and dad were married, my dad was sent abroad to fight in the Second World War. For security reasons, he wasn't allowed to let family know where he was posted, so he sent my mum a postcard and told her he was in the road across from the local cinema. The name of the street was Cairo Road, so my mum correctly guessed he was in Egypt! Pretty clever, eh?! 

So clever! It sounds like a scene from a movie! We're sure this was just one of the many postcards Kate's dad sent to her mum during the war. Wouldn't it be fun to read some of them? There is something about written correspondence that makes us weak in the knees!

Thank you so much for sharing, Kate!