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Lacy nighties, petticoats and slips usually fall in the category of "things our grandmothers wear," but when it comes to our own wardrobes, perhaps they are garments we should reconsider. There is something rather lovely about wearing silk, ribbon and lace next to the skin. Even if it's only reserved for date night or other special occasions, every woman deserves to have a few items in her dresser drawers that make her feel pretty.

The romantic and whimsical brand Anthropologie has capitalized on this idea by carrying lines that feature lacy petticoats, trimmings of satin or velvet ribbon and carved pearl or wood buttons.

To recreate a similar look for a fraction of the price, simply visit estate sales, thrift shops and antique malls and look for delicate slips and petticoats. They are easy to find and add an element of pretty when worn under an unlined dress or skirt. If you prefer using them as decorations, they also look just as lovely hanging on a satin and ribbon-trimmed hanger.

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