Collections: vintage buttons


Until recently, every lady owned a sewing machine, a large assortment of thread and a vast collection of buttons and fabrics. For this reason, a visit to an estate sale or antique mall will likely yield at least one collection of vintage buttons. For those who appreciate pretty treasures from the past, buttons make good collectibles because they are inexpensive, small and unique. Plus, they can be used to decorate jewelry, clothing and even handmade cards! My collection belonged to Joan and my great-grandmother, Elsie, and I display them in a crystal candy dish where I enjoy them every day. They clearly spent their past lives donning jazzy suits, baby clothes and other lovely garments. The colors and details are just perfect, and each one is a family heirloom in its own right.

Do you have any vintage buttons in your possession? Did they belong to family members or did you find them on an antiquing treasure hunt?

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