Family Memories: A Birthday Post


Our patriarch and namesake, Gerald Hardin, is 79 today. He shares his birthday with his only granddaughter, Julie (How cool is that?). Over the weekend, four generations gathered together to celebrate their birthdays. We enjoyed dinner and cake, and then Gerald requested that Jonathan and his brother Larry play their guitars and sing. During their show, our seven-year-old niece Eliza started dancing and everyone else was smiling and laughing. From my front row seat in the living room floor, I recognized what a precious moment it was.

There is nothing quite like family. When we're caught up in the daily grind, it's easy to forget how important these little moments of togetherness are. We need to make family memories every chance we get, and they deserve to be bottled up and treasured for lifetimes. They are the most important heirlooms we have.

Thank you, Gerald, for giving us so many beautiful memories. May you and Julie have the happiest of birthdays.

We love you both so very much.

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