From Joan's Kitchen: Vegan Baked Wontons

Baked Vegan Wontons Growing up, one of my family's favorite places to eat was Caesar's Mongolian Bar-B-Q in Cerritos, California. Joan and her husband had been taking my parents there since the mid '70s, and the owners knew them well. When my sister and I came along a decade later, the owners would spoil us with 7-Ups with cherries and extra almond cookies. In the past decade, the original owners retired and the place has been remodeled, but Jonathan and I still make a trip there whenever we're in town.  He likes the food as much as I do, and he doesn't mind humoring my nostalgic heart.

When we're not in California (ahem, not much these days!), we have several go-to Chinese restaurants in Memphis, but most of the time, we cook at home because it's cheaper and we can control what goes into our bodies. These wontons were a recent creation we made and loved. We hope you enjoy them!

Baked Vegan Wontons