On the Road: Millington and Covington, Tennessee

The Ruffin Theater

Since Jonathan and I moved to Memphis seven years ago, we have wanted to drive to Millington, Tennessee to pick peaches at Jones Orchard. I'm not sure why seven years have gone by without a visit, but on Saturday, we finally decided to go to the orchard. The day was blistering hot, but we didn't care. When we arrived, a clerk handed us a basket and sent us down a gravel road to pick our $10 worth of peaches. It was a little confusing at first, but soon we saw signs that directed us to the peaches that were ready for picking. From there we ventured off the beaten path in Jonathan's truck, feeling hundreds of peaches and trying to determine which ones were the sweetest of all. After a while, we figured out that the peaches on the highest branches were the best, so Jonathan backed his truck up to a tree and scored a ton that were ready-to-eat. We left with about 40 peaches and had a great time as well. Bonus: the truck smelled like peaches all the way home! After our peach picking excursion, we drove on to Covington because we had always heard good things about it. The town square did not disappoint, boasting not one but TWO old theaters, several antique stores and a very quaint coffee shop, Coffee in the Attic, where we enjoyed sandwiches and a brownie sundae. Although they didn't have veggie options on the menu, they created a toasted lettuce, tomato and cheese sandwich for me that was so good that I've been craving them ever since. The brownie sundae hit the spot as well, as you can see!

Something I noticed everywhere we went -- the people were incredibly charming and warm. It's really nice to explore new places and be welcomed like old friends. We will definitely visit again soon!

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