Collections: Sheet Music


My dad recently passed along his collection of vintage sheet music, which seemed perfect for a collections post during a week when we're gearing up to list our home. Many of our collections are temporarily in storage, so they might be absent from the blog for a while. We'll bring them back as soon as possible! Take a peek at the typography, the colors and the illustrations...aren't they amazing? If you look closely, you'll see several pieces have their original owner's name on them in the most perfect penmanship, as well as the date. When I look at them, I imagine a family gathered around a piano, all singing the songs together. So charming!

I have plans to hang these pieces together as a collection. The quality is amazing. It's incredible to think several of them are 100 years old -- they certainly don't look like it.

That thought also makes me wonder -- what will future generations be hanging on their walls 100 years from now? What will inspire them?

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