Gerald & Joan began as a passion project and has grown into a full-time dream career for me. The original goal was to offer products and experiences that tell stories and preserve the past while honoring the present and future. That idea resulted in Gerald & Joan Design, and then earlier this week, we officially launched the second facet of the Gerald & Joan philosophy -- Lifestyle. If you've followed this blog for long, then you know the Lifestyle brand is a natural extension of our original idea. Food, travel, vintage heirlooms, family -- all of these things connect us with our own heritage and make life feel meaningful and special. For this very reason, they have become regular blog features and regularly inspire our design work. In time, we hope to grow the blog to include contributing writers' thoughts on the same topics along with some new ones, but until then, we thank you for reading along and being a part of this amazing journey. We are so glad you're a part of our story.


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