In the Kitchen with Gerald & Joan: Vegetarian BBQ Nachos

Vegetarian-BBQ-Nachos Since becoming vegan/vegetarian almost three years ago, I haven't missed BBQ. That is almost sacrilegious to admit when you live in Memphis, Tennessee, but it's the truth. When you don't eat foods for a long time, you don't really crave them anymore. Well, at least not until BBQ Fest...

Last weekend was the World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest. It's a really big deal in Memphis, and for an entire week, everyone is talking about BBQ. When your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds are constantly blowing up with photos of BBQ for a straight week, you start to crave BBQ just a little bit.

Which brings us to this week's in the kitchen recipe...It was Thursday night, our healthy dinner was already prepared, but I was craving BBQ. It's not every day that I have a craving as well as the ingredients to satisfy that craving, but I just happened to have chips, tofu, cheese dip, shredded cheese and jalapeños (note: we don't usually have cheese products in our home, but we were expecting company over the weekend). It was far too tempting, so we saved dinner for another day and made these nachos. In a former life, I lived for Central BBQ nachos. These tasted just like them to me. Yummy.

If you are vegan, you can substitute the cheese for Daiya. Cheese dip is a little more tricky to recreate, but there are several decent recipes on the Internet. Here's a good one that we've made before. Note: Daiya is pretty expensive (around $4.50 a bag), but in my opinion, it is the best vegan cheese product on the market.