Collections: Seashells


For as long as I can remember, I have loved collecting shells during our beach trips. Jonathan quickly learned this about me, and fortunately he enjoys long walks on the beach with our "shell bag" in hand. We can spend hours on our searches and have them down to a science. It all goes back to the thrill of the treasure hunt. When we got married, we were given several large vessels which we promptly filled with shells from our various beach trips. They are all over our home, where they serve as our daily reminder of the beach. The colors are amazing -- white, cream, grey, orange, pink, purple and brown, and each is perfect in its own way. They serve as the inspiration for our home's calming color palette.

After traveling to beaches on all sides of the country, we have discovered that each place has its own type of shells. South Carolina's beaches are full of scallop shells, while California's beaches have large white shells and teeny tiny colorful shells. We love our mixture of shells from all over and take great joy of adding to our collection every year.

We don't think there is anything better than free home decor that is natural and beautiful and reminds us of our happy place!

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