Cannon-Durham Wedding


Call me biased, but Lauren and Chris' wedding day was perfect. After three days of cold rain, we awoke to a cloudless sky, 70 degrees and no pollen (a day later everything was yellow). The wedding celebration took place at Heartwood Hall in Rossville, Tennessee on Saturday, April 6. The bride and her party got dressed in the main house, which dates back to the Civil War. The groom and his party hung out in the guest house at the back of the property, and they seemed pretty happy with that arrangement! The wedding took place in the Four Seasons Garden at 5 p.m. in the evening. We posed for pictures before and after the ceremony in order to maximize the great light. All photos shown here where taken by the bride's father and one of her oldest friends. In total, our family took more than 1,500 photos and four hours of video throughout the day, so we'll be sharing some of those memories over the coming weeks. See if you don't agree that it was perfection... [gallery type="square" ids=",970,971,972,973,974,975,976,977,978,979,980,981,982,983,984,985,986,987,988,989,990,991,992"]