Spring Collection Sneak Peek #1


In the coming weeks, the Gerald & Joan team will be putting together our first collection. As it is inspired by everything we love, we decided it was only fitting to showcase one of our favorite motifs -- the rose. It's such a timeless flower, and it has been featured on some of the most beautiful vintage cards and books. Roses were also Joan's favorite. In fact, these photographs were shot in Joan's garden in Southern California in April 2011. A few months later, we sold her home, so these are some of the last photographs we have of those glorious blooms. We plan to feature five of them on a set of postcards, but we're having a hard time deciding which ones should make the cut. We'd love to know which ones you like best! [gallery type="rectangular" ids="637,638,640,643,641,646,644,645,647,648"]