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lamp We are inspired by a time when people looked out for each other, meals were prepared using homegrown ingredients and every object was handcrafted with pride. This way of life has been instilled in us by our beloved grandparents, so we decided to create a business that allows us to share these qualities with people who love and appreciate them like we do.

At Gerald & Joan, we create products and experiences that preserve the past while honoring the present and future. Our style is timeless with a hint of nostalgia. Everything we make tells stories and has one-of-a-kind details, just like the vintage objects that serve as our inspiration. Some might call us old-fashioned dreamers, but we come by it honestly -- We're just like our grandparents, Gerald & Joan.

Currently, Gerald & Joan offers the following services, with much more coming in the spring:linens-crop

Graphic Design: Our design work evokes a bygone era when every printed item, regardless of its importance, felt special. We create and print invitations, postcards, posters, business cards and all other types of paper goods.

Event Planning: With our events, we establish the perfect theme, source the best vendors, create the dreamy ambience and highlight the thoughtful details that are sure to provide a memorable occasion for both hosts and guests alike.

Event Styling: Our team provides the creative direction to set the tone for your event. We can also source items if needed.

Home Styling: To us, the most inspiring and comforting homes are the ones that aren't perfect. They feature interesting details and an overall sense of history and family. The rooms don't appear to be styled, but everything has a purpose and a story. Our overarching goal is to make your house feel like home.

Personal Styling: The best-dressed women in history (hello, Audrey and Jackie!) all had something in common -- timeless go-to looks that worked for their bodies and their personalities. We'll help you find your look, audit your wardrobe and source your dream pieces -- vintage or modern. Naturally, we like a mixture of both!

Vintage Goods: Our personal collection of vintage housewares and paper goods helped to inspire Gerald & Joan, so it seemed fitting to offer vintage goods along with our service lines. Our first collection of goods will debut this spring. We also source vintage goods for clients.

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