sneak peek #1: inside the studio

trinkets3 With only a few weeks under our belts, the new Gerald & Joan studio is most certainly a work in progress, but we're excited to finally have a dedicated work space that is solely designed for dreaming and creating.



When we first saw this place, we immediately recognized its challenges -- it's an attic addition, so the ceilings have weird angles, it's warmer than the rest of the upstairs (a ceiling fan helps keep the temperatures down) and there isn't a window in the room itself (which explains the awful lighting in the photos). We knew it would never need to be a bedroom, which meant it could always be our dedicated room for building our creative endeavors, for making messes and for logging quiet time at our desks.



Despite its shortcomings, we fell for the space because it was situated at the back of the house in a place that could be closed off if we wanted to forget about work (or home). It also offered a separate staircase to the downstairs, two large built-in book cases and easy access to our home gym, which is located just past the studio in a slightly smaller room with a big window. To enjoy the natural light, I leave the door open during the day, but I don't spend time staring longingly out the window. It's a win-win.

gallery wall

pretty books

While the space itself is still coming together, it is anchored by a large white desk and the white built-in bookcases. The desk will hopefully stay clear of clutter (eventually!), and I have filled the bookcases with books, childhood trinkets, old photos and vintage postcards that are all designed to inspire. The bookcases are also the home of our samples and crafting materials, various awards, collections of shells and dried flowers and branches.

colorful books

So far, we have created a gallery wall over the desk and hung vintage movie posters along the stairs. Over the next few months, we will add another desk, better lighting, some vintage and industrial storage solutions and more family photos and treasures to the gallery wall. We look forward to sharing another sneak peek when it all starts to come together. In the meantime, we're thoroughly enjoying our new space!